Assorted Chocolates

It’s inevitable that someone will come in our Chocolate Shop (not a Candy Shop!) and say “Oh I’m just looking, I need to be good”. They will spend a few minutes browsing and then exit the store with a thank you. Sometimes I will try and win them over with the health benefits of chocolate but to date I can’t think of a single time they have relented and bought some chocolate (not candy!). Unfortunately chocolate has been seen as candy (not candy, chocolate!) by most in America. Numerous studies have linked chocolate to health benefits and more and more studies reinforce that. Chocolate (not candy!) can be very healthy to consume. It has many of the same benefits as wine (not grape juice!) and often can be paired with wine (not grapejuice!) for a wonderful experience. So for the folks out there that are trying “to be good” get yourself some wonderful chocolate, it is being good. And don’t just take by word for it, read up on the benefits by following the links below. I even provided one about the health benefits of nuts since we have a huge selection of chocolate and nut combinations.